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Dulcimer Sounds LikeLearning the strumming rhythms is the hardest part. UNSETTLED Dulcimer-like flourish then slows to fade by Flintpope | UNSETTLED on Sounds. Due in large part to its popularity during the folk music revival of the 1950s – 1970s, the mountain dulcimer, also called lap dulcimer, is one of the instruments most readily associated with Southern Appalachia. The sound or tone of a dulcimer is more dramatically influenced by changing characteristics other than shape such as overall size, string length, string tension, string gauge, acoustic design, type of wood, and finish. Anyone who can pick out a tune on a piano can play dulcimer in about five minutes. Search: Folkcraft Dulcimer Case. He made his name starting out, at the age of 4 or something, playing the Bach …. DIY Stick Dulcimer: So, I've always wanted to make a stick dulcimer. Think Like a Mountain is a music studio album recording by RITUAL (Crossover Prog/Progressive Rock) released in 2003 on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette. But ‘sparse’ is not the same as empty. When people talk about the dulcet sounds of the dulcimer, “There's nothing like an Appalachian dulcimer,” says Margie Mirken of Shade . There are a few tell-tale accents noticeable but nothing that detracts from the music to any discernible degree. A lush landscape of violins, whistles, dulcimer…. The holiday season often brings dulcimers into the forefront for these folks. Bottom line hear is you need a poly octave machine to generate that chiff, but it needs to be gated on/off very quickly to mimic the hammer strike. The sound it makes cannot accurately be described without sounding like …. It has only a few strings, most commonly four, and frets like a guitar but in the do-re-mi scale. I can diagnose, fix, and set them up the same way a This is a Balalaika from Russia, and I have to say that it is insanely epic! Beautiful and sparkly Joni Mitchell Dulcimer …. “My husband and I were looking for something different for our ceremony music. What could it be? Maybe it’s a banjo, a mandolin, or a fiddle. There must be something special to that father-son thing. Music intended for a thickly forested area. I'm assuming it is by your dad. Various: Sounds Like Nashville (CD) ( Spectrum /Universal) 19 Tracks - Herausragende Country Music Original-Masterzusammenstellung über die …. Sounds like tiny bells ringing in the mountains. The synth riff in the original version of Wait For Nothing sounds like the Skull Castle Stage 5 & 6 music from Mega Man 3. The dronal quality, that continous sound, intrigued me," he. This standard model has Sheesham sides and back, laser cut sound holes, a standard. Look at the C major scale again on the keyboard below. And here is an audio track so that you can hear what it sounds like. In this Instructable, I will guide you through my challenges and roadblocks I face…. Play the correct D note on a guitar, piano, or pitch pipe, then adjust the bass knob until the sound …. I feel like it's that I've been using the Roland GMGS dls file (the one that comes with every installation of Windows since 98) for volume balancing, perhaps others might have done it as well, but a lot of the time it sounds like …. If Mitchell’s career was devoted to encapsulating life’s journey in one perfect song, she did it with 1969’s “Both …. Remember, the word dulcimer means sweet sound. Some are a little cheesy, yes, but we’ve also come across quite a few that let you do … 7 Best Free Choir VST Plugins 2022 For A Heavenly Sound …. Musicians in Asia and Europe have used them for hundreds of years. Dora Dulcimer and Auto Harp Festival in February in Florida has a new name, …. But it sounds good and is fun to play. Sound Healing Therapy - 14 Healing Instruments. Clemmer's dulcimers are made of all local wood, including walnut, wormy chestnut, sassafras, butternut and cherry, and they are so popular they often must be ordered ahead of time. There are many guides available for choosing the best. While I love the ringing sound …. It’s a multi percussion-stringed instrument with a range of up to three octaves. (That sounds like a tall order, but it is what HE experiences when playing and sharing the tunes of Advent (the church season before Christmas. The STEEL Electric Lap Steel Guitar — Indiginus. Visingsö There is a saying among the Swedes that: "He who has not seen Visingsö has not seen Sweden!" Actually I just made that up. Yangqin - Chinese Plucked String Instrument. Long bridges with plastic, ivory or metallic. I prefer it with just one melody string as it’s easier to play. The hammered dulcimer has such a nice sound and is a very unique instrument. She doesn’t sound like Charlene Frazier, she doesn’t sound like Pally Thompson, she sounds Appalachian. The sound of birds singing, this plus the wind and water element adds to the idea that we are in a garden or the Eden-like utopia mentioned earlier. ” Examples of music played on the mountain dulcimer are easy to find on YouTube. I own a mountain dulcimer and play it occasionally. My dulcimers have natural sounding pickups, which feed the excellent Boss DD-500 delay unit. It has a relatively large body (much. They were simply too talented for that. A hip and gritty garage rock track with a face-melting bass riff and big shuffling beat. Especially not with the spellcasting rules because they are …. That night ElSaffar accompanied Al-Saadi on a hammer dulcimer as the scholar and singer of the Iraqi maqam filled the room with vocal melodies that expressed an …. Baritones are larger mountain or appalachian dulcimers with 29 1/2" scales, typically tuned AEA' or GDG' below a standard dulcimer, with a correspondingly bigger, deeper sound - really majestic on slow tunes, and ballsy like an Irish octave mandolin on flat-picked reels and jigs. The mountaineers certainly heard the ghosts of sounds in the dulcimer which hearkened back to their predominantly English, Irish, Scottish and German ancestry. All the instruments at Wood-N-Strings Dulcimer Shop are acoustic, and Native American flutes and harps can be found there. The snare is a set of metal wires that vibrate against the bottom of the snare drum, and we’re smacking a set of wires (guitar strings) against the neck of the guitar so it makes a similar sound…. It sounds a bit like a triangle or a dulcimer. And I like to keep everything handmade. Mountain Dulcimer Torch Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar Collection you get to know what a good one sounds like. If you're like I was years ago, you want to be understood by someone who can guide you and your music to be recognized and celebrated. In fact, the best course is to simply leave the scratches and dings alone, if it still sounds like your dulcimer despite its wounds. Now she humbly says: “above all, I like the idea of trying to be a pianista”. Much of the music typically sounds like human voice, and can imitate a horse to such an extent as real such as galloping horse, the whinnying, etc. An infinite series of free software instruments, made by musicians and sampling experts in London, for anyone, anywhere. Associating tunings with modes can require a bit of mental gymnastics when we move beyond the standard tunings like DAD (most widely used for D Mixolydian, though it also works wonderfully for D Ionian and D Lydian, etc. Answers for Instrument like a dulcimer crossword clue, 8 letters. The most popular guitar-like instruments that you might consider playing are the: bass. Written by an experienced Hammered Dulcimer player, this virtual dulcimer sounds and plays like the real thing! The app has the full range of a standard 15/14 instrument and supports both Standard and Michigan (octave) tunings. Also features: piano, violin, hammered dulcimer…. For composers, they are essential. 2X4X5mm - cut 2 pieces 26"x7 1/2" and cut slightly larger so you can sand back to your box dimensions. Music — Sounds Like Things. The simplest and cheapest of traditional instruments, yet not so simple to master. Each soundsource captures the modern edge ubiq-uitous to contemporary cinematic scores. which explains why that note sounds so vowel-like to me. The sounds pulse like flashes of light through an abiding darkness, which is not only metaphorical but also literal, for in a live performance, the house lights gradually dim and are then cut. Strummed Mountain Dulcimer. Like her boss, though, even at her most avant, Scheinman remains exquisitely polite. It has a total length of 36" Scale length 28-1/4" the width is 6-4/4" and the sound-box depth is 2-3/8" The dulcimer …. In fact, the name, dulcimer, is taken from words that mean “sweet sound. But more importantly, it's all I need to have some fun! If you were serious about learning the dulcimer…. The bracing pattern, number of braces, and size of the braces depends on the sound I am after and the wood involved. This hammered dulcimer does not sound anything like a typical percussion or even string …. For the dulcimer rhimes are grace place beat heat and the like. I put the piano through an FX pedal. If you want to hear or learn to play the dulcimer, check out the annual Fort New Salem Dulcimer …. The banjo head amplifies the sound making the Dulci-jo louder than a standard dulcimer. Bb Clarinet in the mid-low register is very warm. He makes a short buzzing bass sound …. Rockin, dude! I will be jammin' like Cyndi Lauper in no time! A lot of folks think I am joking when I say that, but I kid you not. What is Mountain Lion Sounds Like A Bird. I actually started building dulcimers in 1976, . ️ Share and subscribe if you like the video🛎 Don’t forget to click the bell to make sure you never miss our videos💛 #shorts Music by Epidemic Sound 🎵: ht. 466,057 royalty free sound effects available. French Trumpet: This is one of the organ's snappier Trumpet sounds. It is pretty simple and just uses envelope shaping, some pwn via the lfo, and unison with detune as well as drift to get it to sound like …. The song Megalovania (Undertale…. I hope to be able to listen after I get home tonight. A party-like atmosphere soon grew around these nightly efforts (the attached picture shows a few of the participants about halfway into the …. That has always been the problem with Cockburn's music. The quality of sound and the amount of sustain you desire in a hammered dulcimer is influence by the range, size and material choices. Of course, as with the bass dulcimer, it's still wise to think about the unique abilities of the baritone. While the walnut is a beautiful sounding …. What’s the most difficult instrument to play? The 7 hardest instruments to learn, play, and master. Dusty Strings builds a number of hammered dulcimer models. By the time they reached the University of East Anglia in 1982, they had a new drummer in Dolphin Taylor, and, with all due respect, the eight songs from that date sound like …. I built a mountain dulcimer as my very first build and have noodled around with it off and on with both fingers and a noter. The most realistic sounding and playing hammered dulcimer app ever released! Demo Tune #2: "Eliza's Farewell". Due in large part to its popularity during the folk music revival of the 1950s - 1970s, the mountain dulcimer, also called lap dulcimer, is one of the instruments most readily associated with Southern Appalachia. The murky blues Cows (9:58) combines suspense-filled guitar pattern, looped backing vocals, and droning saxophone for what sounds like an apocalyptic …. If you can play E major, A minor should be easy. The links below contain rich resources for finding free dulcimer tablature: DulcimerTab. En fait, Brian Jones utilise un vieil instrument nommé "dulcimer" pour donner ce caractère Renaissance à la chanson. I can play several different instruments and since I "play by ear", I knew if I heard the music I could teach myself to play. Banjo dulcimer, with banjo-like resonating membrane; Resonator dulcimer, with inset conical resonator; Bowed dulcimer, teardrop-shaped and played upright with a bow; Electric dulcimer, various types of dulcimer which use a pickup to amplify the sound…. Guitar Style Dulcimer on Sale. The dulcimer is most commonly used in the Appalachian region in the United States. 1) The hammered dulcimers (from now forward referred to as HDs) are being run from their piezo pickups into guitar amps. I have the Bust the Dust Kit, Country Kitchen Kit, and Throwback Fit Kit. This box processes the signal to the highest of audio standards, so the integrity of the acoustic sound is preserved. As more and more ToneDexters are released out into the wild, they will come to define what a good amplified guitar sounds like…. Sounds like it should be some sort of Van Helsing or Ghostbuster, right? Nope, it's all about delving into dungeons and finding …. I'm a huge fan of Engelmann spruce. Nothing defines certain regions of rural America like the very distinct sound of the dulcimer. Box Dulcimer Build Plans (FREE). Merry melodies! Looking for more? Check out the 70-song Dulcimer Songbook. Sounds like 'too much money, not enough sense'. Same here, when you want to hear the sustain, you press down. You know the one that note in a song, its pitch and tone that touches something inside you. If you would like to have your dulcimer club listed here, please send an email with the information to: kevin. Description: 1 audio disc (50 min. This is a pre-owned guitar and there may be some minor signs of use. This kind of hybrid Appalachian dulcimer and cello or viola da gamba, or viola, but with its own characteristic reedy timbre The bowed dulcimer sounds like …. Sounds like Mt Dora is changing "Come join us at The Gathering! The Mt. Created by Eddie Breeg: "This instrument is pretty much exactly what its name suggests: a fake (synthesized) dulcimer although I do hope it sounds like …. The books in this series are an excellent reference. Another local trainer has a darco grandson but that one's a little …. Created by award-winning sounds …. The wind begins to howl stronger and the sound …. If you're ordering directly from a builder and you don't live near his or her shop, you'll need to do some homework. Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. Actually the C's should be 5+, but most dulcimer's don't have a 5+ fret. It has just a bit of banjo like twang. These will fly off the shelf quickly. Flutes, Recorders, Bagpipes, Bowed Psa lterys, Harps, Music Books, Tapes, & CDs We now have a new expanded catalogue If you don' t …. Fun, lightweight, and easy to play, this Roosebeck Deluxe Wildwood Stick Dulcimer has the rich sound of a mountain dulcimer, plays like a guitar, and has just a little bit of banjo twang. Either the Standard American Dampers or the RA Dampers will work well for you. There are commonly two types of pickups used on acoustic mountain dulcimers; a soundboard pickup and a bridge pickup. The hourglass shape or "Double Box" gives the Cedar Creek what we like to call "stereo sound". I think Strumstick is a brand name for a stick dulcimer, and my buddy said it is called a Woodrow. I love the sound so much that I sold my other Famous Maker dulcimer…. Also the weekday deal on the board/platter things sounds like a total steal. Can be used for general audiences of all ages, but its especially good for Christmas. Dulcian- They just look like a branch from a tree, for sound it was used as a bass so I assume it has very deep and strong notes. We are running into some technical issues with the live sound. What Does a Dulcimer Sound Like? The dulcimer is not a particularly loud instrument, but it has a very sweet tone. When the front of the dulcimer faces you, the knob or knobs on the left are usually your middle strings. Fed them delicious Thai food, some …. Use your computer keyboard to play Megalovania (Undertale) music sheet on Virtual Piano. And everything here sounds like that, just plain trying to please the casual american pop radio listener. Coachhorn- They look like really long trumpets and they sound like something you’d hear at the beginning of a horse race. It is not necessary to bring a bass dulcimer …. Every Noise at Once is an ongoing attempt at an algorithmically-generated, readability-adjusted scatter-plot of the musical genre-space, based on data …. The Apple Creek ACD100 is also a great beginner, or “student” dulcimer…. It would be easier and faster to standardize things but that wouldn’t be any fun at all. Moderator says: 09/18/2012 at 4:50 pm. Mark Gilston: concertina, dulcimer, fiddle. I found this one wildly out of tune at Woody’s Music and thought this bizarre tuning would be great for a science fiction feature film I’m scoring. Modal Tunings on the Mountain Dulcimer. The recorder was a very simple instrument not significantly different from a flute. Stretched out sounds of an Appalachian dulcimer. Hark, the Glad Sound! is an enjoyable and unique CD focusing on Advent, or the anticipation of Christmas. The name dulcimer comes from the words dulce melos, meaning sweet sound. The ReMixer writes: "It is a remix of the "Deep Jungle" track from Kingdom Hearts. Recorded at the legendary Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, each sound …. sunday morning (hammer dulcimer …. Both kinds of dulcimers make a light, sweet sound. The sound holes of modern instruments are also cut in other shapes that can indicate the maker’s identity and include diamonds, spades, clubs and traditional violin F holes. Granted, both models are going to sound very similar, and more in the line of a dulcimer/ banjo bright and tinny kind of sound, but these really do stay in tune well and sound great. Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser to Release Record Store Day EP. Right whales are species of baleen whales harvested for their oil. There are a number of similar instruments to the dulcimer and piano that This sounds like it could be the theme music to a fantasy RPG. Below: Carved out “Weeping Heart” sound holes … Above: The Mountain Dulcimer I built in August ’17. The Hammered Dulcimer is a lot like an open piano or a harp, except that it is played with a drum, making it a percussion instrument. This Dulcimer Shoppe has been in business for over 50 years Great sound in a …. the clouds they pass slowly (upright bass clarinet) 2. The Dulci-jo has the old-time sound of a mountain banjo, but is played exactly like a dulcimer. Cinesamples Cinebells has one of my favorite hammered dulcimer, sounds like 4 or 5 velocity layers. The four-string mountain dulcimer sounds like an angel plucking a harp. Post - Top - Home - Printer Friendly - Translate. They also have a relaxing mellow sound. That's not surprising, since the dulcimer traces its musical roots banjo-like sound of the stringed folk instrument is most at home. So if that takes $100 off the cost of the instrument, don't feel bad, as long as the top is solid. That is to say, that whereas the dulcimer can be said to be tuned to a key, ukuleles are not. The strummer only plays the notes of the G scale like a dulcimer, which means you'll be playing tunes easily with few mistakes. Her lyrics are consistently analytical and honest, reflecting her ease with being uncertain in that fantastic title – this is what it sounds like to live in …. --Bill Troxler, from his liner notes "Walt Michael's hammered dulcimer …. Red Hill Dulcimer Society Home Page. Noyes handles the subject matter with …. These pickups are the king of twang! Using 43 awg heavy formvar wire to give maximum bite and an almost aggresive attack on the bridge. It probably would sound OK, but it's not how the song goes. georgeduke New here Posts: 6 Joined: Fri May 24, 2019 10:41 am "A faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets. After being inspired by a music piece in an instagram video, I ended up working on a track which eventually turned into this album. A Lush Instrumental Cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’ Performed on a Self-Playing Hammered Dulcimer MegaPortraits, AI Neural Technology …. Would you like to play a stringed instrument? Dulcimers have such a pleasant sound and can be played slowly and quietly or at a very . Locally Crafted Instruments Lend Melodies a Blue Ridge Ring Enthusiasts of Appalachian music are likely familiar with the whimsical sounds of dulcimers, . You may find that its sound has some commonalities to that of a lute or guitar. We bought a CD of classical music on the hammered dulcimer, which was disappointing. It is a simple instrument, but it can be remarkably eloquent within its diatonic confines. Hearing aids use small computers to amplify and modify sounds so that they’re easier to hear. Mule Polly and I head back to South Dakota in April to begin Leg II …. If you're looking for a "true" Appalachian mountain dulcimer… Then you might want to take a look at the Johnson FI-220. Bonjour Entrez votre adresse Applis & Jeux Bonjour, …. To be honest this sounds like a wonderful dulcimer and I'm pretty sure it would win over your heart. The sound is a little smoother and less dynamic, which many players like. The dulcimer has a rosewood fingerboard overlay with mother of pearl position markers in frets 3, 7, and 10. Firebird is a full-length album of spoken voice and experimental music by Kythe Heller (text and voice) and duo Sounds Like Things: Andrew Stauffer …. This sounds like a “my-dog-ate-my-homework” kind of excuse but here goes At the end of last October, part of the ceiling of my attic …. How to Play a Dulcimer - A Detailed Beginne…. The ukulele is capable of playing any song in any key. I wanted the effect of larger sound …. World of Warcraft's next expansion may be a return to the world and storylines of Azeroth, according to an interview with lead narrative designer …. Designers Choice: Best Sound from $ 259. Seagull Merlin Mahogany SG Dulcimer Guitar Natural. Which of the following instruments' music probably sounds most similar to the dulcimer played by the damsel in "Kubla Khan"? Briefly explain your answer. The actual shape of the hole does not affect the sound, but the length of slots or elongated holes is important. If they do stop, the sound is often tinny, and may be more harsh and/or loud than you’d like. While the walnut is a beautiful sounding instrument, my personal preference would be the cherry. It is clear, however, that at this time even great biblical scholars like …. wood-esque sounds like the waterphone and dulcimer are great for ethereal, and sometimes un-comfortable textures when the story needs it. She too sounds like a great character. Fretting each string at the 7th fret (this will be the 8th fret if there is a 6+ fret), should sound an octave higher than the same string unfretted. They differ in size, materials, and bracing methods, and each offers its own benefits - from the affordable laminated-soundboard Overture with a sweet, balanced sound and easy portability, to the substantial and lush-sounding 4. Ring-a-ding-ding you've been saved by the bell with this collection of free bell sound effects. Mill the block of maple that will make the bottom piece down slightly thinner than the sides of the body, then plane the body sides later. We are proud to be the hosts of the Dutchland Dulcimer Gathering. On a 29" VSL instrument, the distance from the nut (next to the tuners) to fret 7 is 14 1/2". Lucas Dos Santos, 37000 Melo favorite_border. Pentatonic just means "5 tones" !! The Major Pentatonic is a great one to get started with: it is FUN, it is HAPPY, and there's no way of getting into trouble with "wrong notes!". This is a hybrid between a dulcimer, like made like this, and a banjo, which is made like this. He then performs live with the hammered dulcimer to combine the sounds for a presentation of what sounds like a full ensemble. Mountain Dulcimer Ringtones : Amazon. 00 Dulcimer String Musical Instrument Santoor Oshawa / Durham Region 23/05/2022. The HFN Active pairs our HFN sensor with a single channel Player endpin jack preamp. The Naylors also sell a cardboard version of their mountain dulcimer to various school districts, which use it in music class, and make a compact version for backpackers. I love stringed instruments and she thought I might like it. Might want to note that in the instructions, as I could NOT make them go in without . This is a good method if you are playing on your own and you want to have all your strings sound …. This manner basically splits the melody into two melodies: an underlying constant …. The lap dulcimer is played in 3 basic ways (1) noter-drone, playing the melody mostly on the d ("top" string ) with the a (middle) and D (bottom) …. Sounds Like Joe LLC is an umbrella company for music composition and production, music supervision and editing, engraving and copyist work, sound design, Foley, ADR, field recording and location audio related services. Language; Direct Link Similar Sound …. Joe has used guitar tuners, Hammered Dulcimer tuners or simple spring mechanism. This page hosts our collection of over 100,000 classical sheet music pdf files, all for free and in the public domain. and output a wav for you if you wanted to see what that sounded like. like banjos and guitars so exact finger placement is not necessary. People have been asking us for years for a Christmas CD, and now we are pleased to announce that we have one! “To Hear the Angels Sing” includes festive carols new and old (mainly old) from many lands–with dulcimer…. Browse hammered dulcimer sound effects. Please pay asap so we can get that over with! You can mail them to Chuck Mead and his address is on the second page of this newsletter! Thanks! Hope to see you at the jam !! Paula Brawdy 616 240 0445 thornapplevalleydulcimer. A baritone/bass dulcimer is like a stand-up bass in a string band. the pitch of a string is dependant upon 3 things: its length, mass and tension - my dulcimers have a scale length of 27. The result is `Gwawr' and I have to say I'm rather pleased with it and it does give a good representation of what we sound like live. Also called fairy bells or the English harp, bell harps have shapes and sounds …. The mountain dulcimer, Appalachian dulcimer, or lap dulcimer—all three terms have been used for it—is not a hammered dulcimer. Dulcimer Definition, Information, and History of Dulcimer Musical Instrument What is a Dulcimer? A dulcimer is a stringed folk instrument which basically comes in two different varieties: the hammered dulcimer – which has strings stretched over a sounding board with a trapezoidal shape, generally setting on a stand, angled in front of the player who strikes the strings with two small hammers. This is a simulation of one example of what it can be like to hear sounds through a hearing aid—a device that helps people with hearing loss. [Mitzie Collins] -- Folksongs, games and poems for children. I think it sounds better when you fret two of the G# strings, and leave. This instrument looks like two cymbals held by a clamp, and it's certainly made to be played like that. This is to let the vibrating air from the strings enter the body, and then leave through the sound holes. Wanna collab or want some of my other loops? >> Hit me up by clicking my profile pic and going to either my soundcloud or my e-mail. Pluck the open string and listen to the sound it produces. Locally Crafted Instruments Lend Melodies a Blue Ridge Ring Enthusiasts of Appalachian music are likely familiar with the whimsical sounds of dulcimers, instruments that have a rich legacy tied to the Blue Ridge Mountains. When Steve Eulberg first began playing the hammered and mountain dulcimers as a college student, he was one of a rare breed of musician. His mission is to bring dulcimer music to the broad, general public. In DAdd tuning the bass string fretted at 7 should sound like the open melody pair. This version includes versions for DAD tuning and DAE tuning. Now that summer-like temperatures are beginning to arrive, it’s the perfect time to unveil the lineup for the 16th annual concert series, which …. A half step on your dulcimer …. The Resonator from Indiginus nails it. Review by Rhomylly Forbes, March 2006: It’s not often the first track of a CD leaps out and smacks you in …. I just got in the mail my copies of "Folk Songs Across Illinois #5". Joni Mitchell's Blue, which turns 50 years old on Tuesday, is an inquiry into personal storytelling, a document of the process of sharing …. However, if you do not see a particular pattern that you like…. Ron Gibson Mountain Dulcimers Dulcimer Soundholes Soundholes can greatly enhance the beauty of a dulcimer, but do not significantly affect the dulcimer's sound unless they are too large or small. Each material and thickness gives a different sound…. There should be an example of it roaring a bit; these clips are nice & lush, but also too polite! It sounds like a very good model overall, so I’ll bet it …. Could not find anything like it for any analog synths so I decided to make a patch myself. Listen to Fake Dulcimer, a playlist curated by 𝘱𝘪𝘢𝘯𝘰book on desktop and mobile. Equally appealing was the dulcimer's unusual sound. It sounds fantastic! For years I've searched for a way to get that sound …. Dulcimer Ensembles Bass, baritone, and mini-dulcimers can be used well in a dulcimer ensemble to extend the range of the standard dulcimer to below as well as above. Mahogany back and sides often emphasize bass and treble, with more overtone coloration and a “woody” sound (as opposed to the more metallic sound …. Like his previous we can hear his seminal uni. It does not have a high "tinny" sound, but rather sounds like a well-balanced standard dulcimer tuned to the higher pitch. Place the tip of your first finger on the fifth string at the fourth fret. Time is weird and wonderful and sounds like a child’s box of Legos—chaotic but assured in the fact that all the pieces have to fit. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 02:38, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Mark Chaimbers. The pipa is a traditional Chinese musical instrument with four strings. Cool sound, interesting take on sampling. Instrument like a dulcimer Crossword Clue. Recovery through music … I like the sound of that ! Love the t-shirt btw ;-) Spruce VS Mahogany. It is a small hand-held instrument that originated in Africa, and it sounds like a music box when …. As a music producer or sound engineer, if you’re looking to spice up your mix, there’s nothing quite like choir plugins. Hence the name Reverse Action Dampers (RA). Dulcimers have relatively little soundboard as they are long and thin instruments. Urban Sound Exploration: Many interesting sounds can be found in abandoned factories. It works like a partner song, so verse one is sung, verse two is played on recorder, and verse three features both singers and recorders. here is a sound file of my first dulcimer build, I wilsh I could play better. about playing chords on the dulcimer these dulcimer chords are all triad (three-note) chords but they work really well - technically however, chords should have four notes (or more) so D should be D-A-F#-D with a D below and above. Its like someone coughed in the microphone to make the sound. Then your arranging will sound purposeful and will make more sense musically. , the santur, yanquin, cimbalom, and hackbrett), the bridges can be used to divide the strings . For me it can only be achieved through the cello. We've got 0 rhyming words for Dulcimer » What rhymes with Dulcimer? ˈdʌl sə mər Dul·cimer This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like Dulcimer…. Most people would associate this sound with a clock, but musicians like …. With the one line dulcimer tablature in this book, you need to figure out your own …. At the time, there weren’t many dulcimer …. If the top is laminated, see if you can get the dulcimer for free, because that's about what it's worth. Traditional, hourglass shaped mountain 4-strings Dulcimer made by Hughes Dulcimer Co. New to bass/ Strings sound like tin. Pipa 琵琶 — the Chinese Lute or Chinese Guitar. ‘The new yarn is fastened to the …. Some of these are both beautiful and elaborate. There are a lot of areas which have specially dedicated festivals just for the dulcimer and its music. Unlike those strictly monophonic instruments, this Kontakt Kit has, in addition to the melody oscillator, a set of "resonators", which produce an ever-shifting set of drone voices, sort of like …. Appalachian dulcimer: Click to hear an Appalachian dulcimer : Archlute (Spanish archilaúd, Italian arciliuto, German Erzlaute, Russian …. Hawley and engineer Colin Elliot document the recording of his new album Lady’s Bridge. Play an authentic-sounding Hammered Dulcimer on your Android phone or tablet. Time to sound amazing! Explore thousands of interactive sheet music titles with pro-quality backing tracks, plus powerful tools for learning, playing, …. Posted by Christopher Clark at 12:37 PM 0 comments Labels: banjo, dulcimer…. Subject: RE: Dulcimer player Roger Nicholson …. In 6 string form, sounds uncannily like an octave mandolin or mandola. This dulcimer has a bright lovely sound, the finish is clean, the strings stay in tune and the chords stay in tune all the way to the upper frets - which surprised me for such a low price. Like the f holes in a violin, they free longer pieces of the sound-board . “We want visitors to be able to pick up a dulcimer and play. Mountain Dulcimer Torch Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar Collection Versatile Bar Chimes Nothing else sounds like a steel guitar, and The STEEL brings the sound …. 1x3x6 poplar - cut 1 @ 7 1/2", cut 1 @ 25 1/2". The plastic end, and seemed like …. The frets are brilliantly placed so that the learning curve is almost a …. Modes Explained: How to Use The 7 Modal Scales. My first go to for band instruments and music. Sound: Really nice to my ear, sounds like all the dulcimer…. (I'm not really a dulcimer player, so don't know quite what to do …. Plays great, sounds, great, works great. It seemed like making one is impossible with the little tools I have, let alone something that looks and sounds good. Twin Valley High School Box 52 El verson, PA 19520. It is generally believed that Yiddish became a language of its own some time between 900 and 1100 C. Exactly half, in both cases, regardless of the VSL. March 2019 THORNAPPLE VALLEY DULCIMER …. This free harp VST became so popular that Versilian has now published version 2, which updates both interface and sound. This song is all about a cool instrument your kids may be unfamiliar with. Watch musician Ted Yoder play "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" on this strange looking instrument that sounds just like a piano. Sounds like perfect gifts for some lucky folks. The Full Fanfare: The four stops in this section sound like a brass band. At any rate, I loved both the engineering and the sound…. This is not true of any strumstick type instrument. Tune the bass string to the D below Middle C. One of the “only true American instruments,” an Appalachian dulcimer looks like a fiddle and sounds like a Scottish bagpipe. Dulcimer definition is - a stringed instrument of trapezoidal shape played with light hammers held in the hands This page is primarily for classical music …. There's some debate about the hammered dulcimer's background, but it's believed by many to have originated in ancient Persia some 2,000 years ago. Dulcimers are beloved, not only for their clear, sweet sound, but because they’re relatively simple to play. The sound is so complex and fantastic. If you need a recording of a work published …. Some notes and explanations: The lists below are linked to the tunes in FOUR (04) formats: NWC (Noteworthy Composer), ABC Notation Software, …. The lute has a round body, like a halved pear, a flat neck, and a seperate pegbox usually bent back from the neck at an angle. What is a Mountain Dulcimer?. One of the popular music pieces played on a dizi is ‘Moon on Guan Mountain’ (关山月). mp3 and join our music collaboration by sharing your …. The most critical element is the total size of all openings on the instrument. There are many other types of scales, each with unique sounds, like minor scales, modal scales, and more that you’ll come across later. Easy listening – This instrumental music usually features several types of instruments like the saxophone, guitar, and piano to create a soft, jazzy, and breezy sound …. Welcome "back" to dulcimer! Sounds like you've got a good "support" group there, I wish we had something like that where I live. Seagull 039227 Merline Spruce SG Dulcimer 4-String Diatonic Instrument. and well it really does sound amazing. Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses. Still sounds like close enough …. Guitar citterns Sounds like a cittern / bouzouki, plays like a guitar. Roosebeck Wildwood Stick Dulcimer, Standard. Reblogged this on dulcimercrossing and commented: Our friend, Jim Miller, gives a good overview of music theory demonstrated on the mountain dulcimer. It is an instrument I particularly appreciate, so I tried to make my own in Vital and was suprisingly really happy with how it turned out. In fact, the name, dulcimer, is taken from words that mean "sweet sound. Because it can be hard seeing other practices of a similar size collecting awards, getting …. Musician rhythmiker shared a simple, inexpensive way to make an acoustic guitar sound a bit like a banjo. This one stringed instrument provides a range of sounds, in one long slur, by app Dotara, Bass. See more ideas about dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, …. It’s plucked or strummed, not played with hammers; it’s got four strings, asymmetrically arranged; it’s got a fretboard like …. Best Asian Fishing 🐟 | Amazing Fishing Techniques 🐟If you liked and enjoyed the video, don’t forget to Subscribe, Like …. In my DIY instrument guide below, I show you how to make homemade musical instruments using simple materials you already have in your home like beans, rubber bands, bobby pins, and straws. They are also easily controllable. zither, any stringed musical instrument whose strings are the same length as its soundboard. The sound is enchanting, and seems to be the main reason folks learn to play. Amos 6:5 "That chant to the sound of the viol, and invent to themselves instruments of music, like David" Various instruments were used. Learn to Play Appalachian Dulcimer • Free Mountain Dulci…. FH34S: Our new lightweight, solid. A dulcimer looks like an elongated violin, and the sounds it makes stand apart in the music world. John; that is one fabulous dulcimer! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Another example is alabama song by the doors. The Soprano tunes into the key of G (G D G) and G C G with ease; it also allows you to retune in the keys of F, A, (in 1 - 5 - 1 tuning) and B, C, D, and E (out of 1-4-1 tuning). Sweet Sounds of the Dulcimer. But know that the longer the PVC pipe is, the lower the flute will sound…. So if you’re wondering what makes a good mixer, and why you should get one … I compiled for you in today’s post the very best DJ mixers currently available on the market. FSM Board: Instrument in Thomas Newman Soundtracks. It has a piercing, trumpet-like sound, so …. The melody string (nearest to you) is therefore at the bottom, the bass (furthest) string at the top. 02/27/20 10:36:15PM @steven-berger: Kudos to you, Bob, on two great sounding dulcimers! Definite difference in tone and volume between the twothe cherry is quite brighter and louder than the walnut. The Family Tree Dulcimer Band "The Family Tree Dulcimer Band is a group of 41 musicians from 10 communities in 5 counties of southwestern Ohio. One possible solution is an American Cittern built by Bobby Ratliff of Slate Creek Dulcimers. Now if somebody wants to make the argument that playing chords instead of drones makes the dulcimer sound like a guitar, well I still disagree but I can …. 1 (in weaving) an unwoven end of a warp thread, or a fringe of such ends, left in the loom when the finished cloth is cut away. Come watch how a dulcimer is handcrafted from walnut, cherry, butternut, sasafras or wormy chestnut and enjoy the "sweet song" of the mountain dulcimer. Let your eyes follow the tawny grain that meanders along its side. The can resonates with a twangy and metallic tone, and sounds like a cross between a banjo and mountain dulcimer. And the coolest part of all is that these instruments actually sound …. Osage Orange is a very hard, durable and fine grained wood that makes it ideal for fretboards. 15/14 means there are 15 bridges on the Treble (left) side of. Like any electrical charge, this signal follows the easiest path to …. 8 years ago; 12; Tags: merlin merlin dulcimer merlin reviews dulcimer mountain dulcimer …. Git Along, Little Dogies (tab, midi) - Ben D'Ooge. The single element pickup is mounted half on the side-rail and half on the soundboard directly in front of the player. The regular “oof” sound of Roblox got replaced no idea why it sounds like …. Also known as a box zither or psaltery. Specialties: Sounds Like Fun Music offers a variety of music lessons for people of all ages, from infants and toddlers, in music & movement …. If you haven't yet heard a Folkcraft LAP-JO, here's the lowdown: A Folkcraft LAP-JO is a banjo dulcimer hybrid. Search Children's poetry; children's songs principally sung and arranged by Mitzi Collins with Mitzi Collins, mountain dulcimer, piano & banjo and various other accompaniments. A – Dulcimer Tabs / Dulcimer Sheet Music / Dulcimer Music / Dulcimer …. Strings of measured lengths are stretched over the . This instrument is played with a bow along each edge to produce sweet melodies. Richard Hawley has achieved his high profile in the 21st century by harking back to an age before the Beatles. New Dulcimer Tablature Added! Never Weather-Beaten Sail (tab, midi, video)- Kevin Teague. I chose the Dm Celtic scale because it is an easy & pleasing sounding scale that has chords that will harmonize well for my vocal range & common guitar/dulcimer chords. Suddenly, you hear the music of a stringed instrument. Please note that your dulcimer will not look exactly like the photos you see here. Clemmer built his first dulcimer …. I have a random horse name I am taking better suggestions -HEE Click-Rivendell Steeds : 02:27:29 Ronin/Roin/Tonin. He makes a nice tone that sounds like a dulcimer. While the dulcitone had its uses, it was often replaced by a louder, sharper-sounding percussion instrument such as a xylophone or a glockenspiel. When you hear the percentage of 1 in 3 women over the age of 50 it sounds like an epidemic! Yet years ago you rarely heard of elderly …. Some tunes are traditional ones that they learn together. As others have commented, it sounds very much like the experience sought in some forms of meditation. Like any stringed instrument, the dulcimer does have a learning curve. Thomas Dulcimer Society in Concert – Canceled. We have 6 string and 12 string models with and without pickups in natural or black. NASA released new audio approximating the sound of a black hole at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster, which experts discovered had a pitch over a “million …. Whats annoying is I actually a dulcimer EXS file on my computer afterwards which largely sounds …. Bodhran Pronunciation: How to Pronounce Bodhran Properly. If your dulcimer is tuned to DAd, then you can find this note on the open fret of either your bass, or melody strings. Virtually ALL stick things have very little sound box, and it is the internal volume of a larger sound box that gives you the more mellow sound of a dulcimer rather than the tinny sound of a banjo or stick thing. Or it might be a dulcimer! Dulcimers have a long history. It doesn't sound like a guitar. 5 inches, which I believe to be standard. Who wants to live Forever, from Queens sound track to the movie Highlander. Timbre (pronounced “tam-ber”) is the distinctive quality of a sound. Plays like a mountain dulcimer but sounds like a banjo. With a traditional design featuring: …. The first instrument we will take a look at is the kalimba. Dulcimers are beloved, not only for their clear, sweet sound, but because they're relatively simple to play. Master Works owner Russell Cook -- and many other multi-instrumentalists -- believe the dulcimer …. And also because the thing the way that sound is transferred from the strings through the body is different than on a guitar, mandolin or any other …. Please excuse the fumble fingers, I do slightly better without the camera po…. (The only difference I have noticed is that oak may absorb finger oils. The overall feeling is one of relaxed contemplation, but Lotus Collage is ultimately a dynamic set, with intense peaks and lulling valleys. If you want to hear what the E Aeolian sounds like right alongside the E Dorian for comparison, simply substitute the 6th fret for the 6+ and you'll have it. This instrument has a surprisingly nice sound given it's very small size. For me it sounds like a type of dulcimer but not 100%. What sounds like an occasional banjo and dulcimer lends a kind of Baroque hoedown quality to the proceedings. Working on a new jrpg style music project and needed a hammered dulcimer sound. Cameron Polson think it is similar to "Dulcimer …. Dulcimer virtuoso Steve Eulberg will play the Rialto. distant buildings (balafon octaves synth) 8. This traditional cimbalom performance is given by the Szalai Hungarian Gypsy Band. psaltery, (from Greek psaltērion: “harp”), musical instrument having plucked strings of gut, horsehair, or metal stretched across a flat soundboard, often …. McSpadden, all walnut, built 2013 in like new condition. Tuning is D diatonic so just about anything goes. They sound like Citterns / Bouzoukis, but play like guitars. But Pump also has a hidden track after track 10 ("What It Takes"), uncredited. Little Girl - II, Dulcimer Players News, DPN, Ser (), 36/3, p48(2010) McSpadden, Lynn Appearance as principal performer. You'll be happy to know that the Appalachian dulcimer is easy to play. I LOVE IT! Have only been playing the Mountain Dulcimer for 10 days and was really getting frustrated because all the music in the online school I was trying to play, I'd never heard of and couldn't figure out the "tune" these are well known and with the very first song I tried to play, even though I am VERY slow, you could tell what I was trying to play. (1) Appearance - color, figure, strength, (2) Tone - clear, sharp, resilient, (3) Feel - smooth, course, grainy. Sam Edelston is unique in his focus on taking songs that people already know and love, and making them sound like they were written for the mountain dulcimer. 7 MB download size, EXE installer, requires Spitfire Audio LABS). ♥ 9:30am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: No one hammers a dulcimer …. Always sounds like she's reciting the words to a poem you will never know. Here's what a dulcimer in the GCC/capo 1 configuration sounds like: Capo Example Example 2: Dulcimer Tuned DGD with Capo at Fret 1 A DGD dulcimer with a capo on the 1st fret allows you to play dorian in A starting on the 4th fret because:. effects for my acoustic instruments. Instead, professional grade gears such as standalone players like the almighty CDJ-2000 series need to be plugged into a mixer. Once you have learned how to play the dulcimer, you will come to appreciate its sweet sounds. Members of the Sonic Sounds Dulcimer Club meet at Centerville Methodist Church to make and take pleasure in the sounds of old time mountain . While the sound of the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer may conjure images of Scottish Highland bagpipes or ancient English cottages tucked deep in a misty glen it is actually a fairly recent instrument in historical terms. Also included is a video lesson on the dulcimer that you can share with your students. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog. The strummer can be described as a dulcimer played like a guitar, producing a rich, pleasing tone that sounds like a mixture of dulcimer, mandolin and banjo. Musical Feedback: This is what microphone feedback sounds like …. A dulcimer is a fretted, plucked musical instrument. He knows quite a few tunes and sounds …. That’s all right, though, we can do it anyway. From Guitars to Violins and Everything in Between, There Are So Many Types and if You Try to Grow Your Musical Instruments Vocabulary Skills Then It’s Perfect for You. Dulcimer is a shaped stringed instrument similar to a trapeze. What does a lute sound like? Here is a sample of Recercata 4 by Francesco da Milano, as played by Frank Wallace on his Centaur album Music of 16th Century …. This is the only dulcimer you will ever need. That banjo sound is great for playing the old tunes of the. W hat Does a Dulcimer Sound Like? The dulcimer is not a particularly loud instrument, but it has a very sweet tone. As with all hollow bodied string instrument, sound escapes the resonance chamber of the dulcimer through sound holes. The neck uses an open top cover for a more open sound with more definition string to string and give a very Strat like …. Sweet Sounds of the Dulcimer 4,587 views Aug 30, 2013 29 Dislike Share Save Macon Telegraph Archive 4. Perhaps the most eye-catching and apparently ornamental feature of the dulcimer is the sound holes. Packs: expand your Ableton studio with instruments & soun…. John W Boushka – John W Boushka permanent personal site. To me, it sounds like she has the keys to the car and she’s ready to go with her partner-in-crime next to her. Inspired by the experimental sounds of the 60s and 70s, this eclectic set of dream-like instruments and textures is ideal for soundtracks, film scores, or …. Clemmer also makes special-order dulcimers and has made them in sound-hole patterns ranging from wildcats to dogwoods. If that was your intention, it's an unqualified success. The fretboard is 100 percent mountain dulcimer, and the instrument is played just like a standard dulcimer. While the roofless church may sound like a strange sort of place in theory, it’s exactly what it sounds like — an outdoor church without a roof! …. The reason I like to fingerpick Greensleeves is to make the dulcimer sound more lute-like in Elizabethan-style. Chords written for 3-4 alto flutes are rich and …. I'm fortunate in some ways, because hardly anyone I know . Millions were introduced to the instrument's gentle sound by Kentuckian Jean Ritchie and by Frank Proffitt (1913. Sometimes a "rushing" sound, like holding a seashell to your ear. It is a large wooden soundbox with strings stretched across its face, usually in pairs or triplets. Dulcimer builders whose work I admire each have a unique way of getting the sound they want. Equip your leaders for success by granting access to the resources, setlists, and content they need to lead worship well. It is also not as hard to push the strings down as it is on a guitar. Use our interactive, musical list of instruments to find some cool sounds, but know that there are far more out there than just our list of 100 instruments. This sounds like the DM may be trying to force flavor into the rules. What's That Sound?: Cimbalom. The Dulciano is a grand piano performed with dulcimer hammers. For now, let’s focus only on major scales and the major scale pattern. It (Engelmann) sound a lot like Western red cedar, but with a bit more clarity than Western red cedar has. Quintin Stephens Little Bit Bumpy Out Here Acoustic Folk (Dulcimer…. Dulcimers are beloved, not only for their clear, sweet sound…. It is humble, but it is also naturally elegant in its shape and in its beautiful sound…. Now comes composer and multi-instrumentalist Park Jiha, who is also fascinated by ancient Japanese instruments and influences, but takes …. Your dulcimer won't sound like much unless it's tuned to perfection - but that's no problem with these dulcimer tuners. Enjoy a collection of holiday and seasonal tunes played on mountain dulcimers, Baritone dulcimers, a Bass dulcimer, banjammer (plays like a Dulcimer sounds like a banjo), harps, and hammer dulcimer. Gospel Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers. The 8 Best DJ Mixers and Effects for Ambitious DJs. 30 Snakes, Nope Ropes, And Danger Noodles That Are Too …. Language Log » The sounds instruments make. If so it sounds like the nut slot is not correctly ramped to the break point over the fretboard and/or it's constricting the travel of the string. I can't wait to hear what this hammered dulcimer sounds like! (picks up the dulcimer and carries it) ha-ha! Mel runs onscreen. “It’s such a high-pitched instrument, and there are so many low notes,” Heyer says. Most of this music is extremely relaxing and …. This means I might offer more concerts in the future, though again, I am not quite sure what form this will take. The challenge I'm working on now is to play loudly but maintain good tone. Start with one of these and you’ll soon find that …. 4″- 5″ hole is milled in the back which will serve as a sound …. I got the dulcimer and learned to play it. Dulcimer is also avaiable finished and ready to play! Mountain Dulcimer …. Variations can be found all over the world, but the instrument as we know it in America developed primarly in the British Isles. With ToneDexter that is no longer the case—at last you get the sound the guitar is capable of. The hammered dulcimer rings out and cuts like a blast-beated piano pounding paradiddles in some kind of black-metal drumline, which you can hear in the longest track from the album (most are a. I think thats a marxophone which is a kind of automatic dulcimer that uses keys with hammers that bounce to create tremolo. Over the years, DAD came along and became the new standard but I was resistant to it. One of the oldest instruments of Arabic music, oud is in the category of strings and stringed instruments. Dulcimers are easy to play–you just hold down the melody string (s) at the frets, which are just like the black piano keys, and strum with a feather or pick. Which, in other words, simply means its made of cheaper materials, such as the laminated wood for example…. 9 reserved and unpretentious like the sweet sounds it makes. Get some ideas and plans at sites like Building Musical Instruments, Instrument Builders Pages, Build a Conduit-pipe Hammered-dulcimer, How to Build a Simple Hammered-Dulcimer, Making a Hammer Dulcimer…. The vocalist definitely sounds like …. It's not actually a dulcimer its the same Piano with loads of effects over it but I thought it sounded like one. Ok, I have been trying to find out at what point the audio and video became out of sync (the video is generally delayed). 2020 Winter Weekend Class Descriptions. Very clear and straight sound of dulcimer! I really like the sound of dulcimer!!!. I don't have one, so I tried a G (3 fret). Cajun Favorites for Mountain Dulcimer book. wood it has a good bright airy sound and a surprising amount of sustain. PDF: Greensleeves: This is a …. "Canyon Moon" is a song performed by Harry Styles. As a noun dulcimer is (musical instruments) a stringed instrument, with strings stretched across a sounding board, usually trapezoidal it's played …. description: Comparison between a Northern Cherry Mountain Dulcimer and a Black Walnut Mountain Dulcimer. I was getting a dulcimer for Christmas. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. 0563_4_5Enhancer_lr These dulcimers are hand-made by a luthier who has been making them and enhancing the design and sound for many years. Usually the guitalele looks like a small guitar (with guitar-like tuninghead and machines), not like a standard ukulele. PDF: Greensleeves: This is a fingerpicked version. I also discovered that I can totally make my dulcimer sound like Lenny Kravitz. The Suona, also called Laba, is double-reed wood wind instrument. A half step on your dulcimer is the interval between two "narrow gap" frets, the "2" and the "3" frets, for example. Sunday Synth Jam: This ‘folk ambient’ video, by psykheart, captures a live performance of a hymn by Edmund de Coussemaker, from 1856 (number 61 in the Finnish hymnbook). That sounds like a dulcimer -- or sometimes, PianoTeq Alright, maybe PianoTeq would sound better than this, but it does remind of it somehow The bass is special on this old upright!!! And it's tuned a semitone flat than our typical pitch. There is no one length of PVC that we have figured to be the "best" length, or a length of PVC that plays and has the best tone. You could perhaps avoid playing reels like the clappers! That nice sustain makes playing at a steady pace sound …. The McNally Strumstick sounds like a cross between a dulcimer, banjo and mandolin.