Is A Glock 43 A Good Gun

Is A Glock 43 A Good GunThe G43 is the most highly desired and anticipated release in GLOCK …. The Glock 43: subcompact, concealable, and perfect for a CCW. what a great gun! full size round, compact and every shooter I worked with women, youth, those with arthritis issues have had no issues with . In conclusion, the SIG SAUER P365 is a great concealed carry weapon. Fully loaded they feel tight, almost overloaded. Four years ago, I stood in a shooting lane at the NRAAM Glock media launch firing the G43 for the first time. Ultra Reliable Single-Stock CCW Glock G43 449 at Palmetto State Armory Prices accurate at time of writing View Details449at Palmetto State Armory Palmetto State Armory (See Price) Brownells (See Price) Kygunco (See Price). The DeSantis Mini Scabbard will fit battle belts up to 1. Not always a problem, but it can be in the right (or wrong) situation. It produces groups that range from . Changing a handgun grip can have several reasons, it can improve the comfort, function and accuracy of your shooting experience. Rumor has it that the gun will probably set you back $529 or more -- …. I also have a blue gunmodel Glock 43 and magazine for use in training. Good service, with a good gun …. - One piece design, no extra parts to possibly lose during disassembly. We all have varying hand sizes, skill levels, and concealment needs so one gun …. Weight: with loaded magazine 585 g | 20. Manufactures Item Number: PMCX-300B-5B-TAP-CANE. The standard 43X is great for concealed carry, but the MOS series would be even a respectable choice for home defense. The fixture clamped solidly between two slabs of wood for milling the rails. The magazine well of the Glock 43x is quite good. Also used on the 19MHS and 23MHS guns submitted to the military trials) Red and blue are only used in training guns …. Part of this extra weight is the additional ammo capacity of the G43X. No cutting required with stock sights. Best Ammo for Glock 43 Pistols. Aaron and Brandon nailed it – it’s a good gun, but it’s still a LOW capacity weapon. This is a replacement/drop-in barrel, no gunsmithing required! Compatibility: Glock 43. The grip angle refers to the angle the Glocks grip makes with the rest of the gun. The Best EDC Holsters For Glock 43X. Glock 43 Subcompact Pistol. It’s not fantastic, but considering the pistol is under an inch thick, it appears to be a little bit better than most of the other guns in its class. The Glock 43, a 9mm variant of the. Includes One (1) Magazine, no other accessories. That makes the Glock 26 wider, but it also adds carrying capacity. Galco desantis and sneaky Pete holster options for glock 43. Transform your stock factory Glock …. - Easily attaches and detaches from the magazine. To say that one is good and the other is bad simply is not possible. Best For Target Shooting: Glock 34 Gen 5 FS MOS. The Gadget is a safety device for Glock pistols. The Glock 42, released in 2014, is a major departure from previous "baby Glocks," such as the Glock 27. It may be snappier than the fuller sized guns, but it has an impressive array of aftermarket accessories to it, it’s reliable, and it has a track record that no one can complain about. The slim profile and light weight of the Glock. The Glock 44 is a striker-fired, blowback, semi-automatic compact pistol. That means that the Glock 43 comes in at about $520. 5" wide belts up to 3/8" thick (came with a recent holster but ended up not needing it) $25 EACH – x2 Glock 43 holsters (black IWB & TBL American flag OWB both with 1. 32 inches which is a bit too big for most citizens that are planning to conceal carry the Glock 22. The Glock 19, and its close variants the Glock 19X and Glock 45 , offer big gun reliability control and accuracy with a good …. Having a magazine capacity of 10 rounds is enough of an advantage to offset the width disadvantage over single-stack frames like the Glock 43, which only allows a 6-round magazine. Glock continue to impress in this area – their experience with . The Glock 43 is among the smallest and lightest of any 9mm subcompact. Second, we ran a rope through the trigger guard and tied it, knowing that rope would later be used to drag a frozen gun down a road of dirt, gravel, and patches of asphalt. Even though I’m not a fanboy…they are fantastic. Summary: In my view, the G43 isn't a good gun for beginners…it's too snappy. The Glock 26 is wider, because it has a double stack magazine. Tactical Scope for Rifles, Shotguns - Reflex Sight for Day & Night - Easy to Zero - Glock Mount Plate and Other Gun Accessories Included. It’s been a good gun, and has had relatively few malfunctions. GLOCK 17 Gen4 BB Gun air pistol with blowback, a drop-free magazine, and field-strip capability. As a home defense gun, the 43 is perfectly suitable. Should I buy a Glock 43 or S&W M&P Shield – 9mm Pocket Pistol. A G43 will actually FIT into some pockets but it doesn't leave much room to get your hand in there and grab on to the gun unless you have really small hands. Glock 43X: Now with 15 Round Flush Fit Capacity. Sometimes standard equipment just isn't good enough. The G43 is sufficiently accurate for the intended use. The Glock 43 is an ultra-concealable single stack 9-millimeter pistol. The G43 is the most highly desired and anticipated release in GLOCKs history. The Glock 43 (G43) is the smallest 9mm pistol Glock has ever made. Jan 17, 2022 · Was going to do a build around it, just never got t…. This tactical flashlight is compatible with other Glock pistols including 42, 43 and 48 not just 43x. The Glock 48 Slimline is built with the best of the Gen 5 features, such as the Glock Marksman’s Barrel (GMB), the shortened trigger distance, reversible mag release, and the enhanced beavertail to prevent slide bite. A glock is a fine gun for learning quickly. Glock 43 USA ACG00853 For Sale. Glock G43X MOS 43X Slide Upper MOS , Brand New, Glock G43X, GLock 43X Upper Completed, OPTIC READY. The trigger reach (back of the grip to the face of the trigger) is 2. While Glock’s entry into the concealed carry game was largely met with positive reviews, some folks griped that the diminutive length of the grip caused. - Designed specifically for the GLOCK 43. 40 magazines Comfort Focused – Wear …. Contact [email protected] Step 7 – Choose Your Magazine. Hope to get first shots this …. Aside from Glock's standard features, the pistol's grip has a built in beaver tail …. That’s what’s preventing most people from getting that pinky on the firearm itself. They will likely have a display of the gun that is sold out or for sale …. Shootability of both the 43 and the 43x are greatly enhanced with a comp. It’s ultra-concealable, accurate and …. The good news is the gun delivered the performance I expected. The New GLOCK 43 is the Perfect Concealed Companion. 00) dollars over the past 12 months to. The new Glock 43 handgun chambered in 9mm, is slim and compact. Like all good handguns, the GLOCK 19 is a compromise of sorts and has its pros and cons. 0, then that is going to be the better texture by far. Summary: In my view, the G43 isn't a good gun for beginnersit's too snappy. The Glock 43 accommodates it’s single stack magazine. The Glock 43X is Glock 43 / 43X w/ TLR-6 Tuckable …. As for magazine capacity, well a Glock 26 will hold 10+1 rounds of 9 x 19 using a compact double-stack magazine. It may be snappier than the fuller sized guns, but it has an impressive array of aftermarket accessories to it, it's reliable, and it has a track record that no one can complain about. Unfortunately, the right gun …. The manufacturer claims great accuracy and ease of use no matter how big or small your hands are, thanks to the beaver tail design and the gritty texture which allow for a nice and tight grip. *OC FULL SIZE LOWER PARTS KIT 17/22/24/31/34/35 FOR GLK & POLY80. You get a pretty good bang for your buck in terms of what you get with the Glock 43. Read my review of the Glock 43 Previous Post Next Post. 43 cal Paintball Pistol (First. See full list on thetacticalguru. An impressive performer, the Glock 42 sets the bar high for other. I'd just recommend getting more than just one gun! Any tool kit needs a couple of screwdrivers, a hammer, some pliers, maybe a wrench or two, some tape, maybe a tape measure , and a drill of some kind. Jan 10, 2021 · Brownells has a good selection of Glock frames, too, including Polymer80 frames. Clear (Glock Wikipedia Page) 7 Item(s) Found Page 1 1. Meet the Competitors: Glock 43 and S&W 642. Custom Molded Glock 43 IWB Kydex Holster guaranteed to fit your G-43 Perfectly! - Adjustable Cant Angle 0-15 degrees - Adjustable Retention Good stuff. MC43 Magazine Clip with finger extension For The Glock 43. The Glock 43, on the other hand, features a Gen 4 style grip that might need a grip tape or sandpaper pistol grips. It takes practice to get good…. In fact, it was one of the first pistols we reviewed when this channel started up back in the good old days…of 2018. The SIG P365 weighs 17 ounces unloaded while the Glock 43 weighs just over 16 ounces …. These slides are manufactured from 17-4 billet stainless steel to have. Both pistols are reliable and accurate, making them a good choice for anyone looking for a gun…. Essentially a Glock 43 with the capacity of the Glock 26, the G43X has a slightly wider frame (1. The G40 Gen 4 is a powerful yet easily carried pistol; perfect for the outdoor person, hunter, or …. 308, with a 8-32X Burris Black Diamond scope I've been hoarding. GLOCK All Models :: Gun Values by Gun Digest. The Glock is easily field stripped and maintained. Overall, the Glock 23 is not only a good concealed carry handgun, but an acceptable service pistol as well. Reliability: Glock 43 is too new to know for certain how reliable it will be. 99 + Free Shipping DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated Glock 43/43X slide comes with cuts for installing iron sights. The holster is made of high quality soft nylon, and when worn on the belt resembles a cell phone case. Glock factory threaded barrel, about 1/1" longer than the standard one. The thinner gun will be more comfortable to carry. The Glock 42 is an all-around great pistol. Some do say the 43 is the better for CCW, but to our mind that is negligible. Whether you’re looking to outfit the tried-and-true G17, the versatile G19 or the legendary G43, you’ll find the best parts and accessories for your GLOCK model at the best prices. Home » Firearms » Glock 43 – Glock's Single Stack 9mm Does not Disappoint! the result can be earth-shatteringly good or a head scratcher . Apr 11, 2019 · Glock 43 Specs vs Glock 43X Specs: While these guns are very similar and even share a model number, they are entirely different. SWiTCH® Trigger (For Glock). While it is very easy to choose a worse EDC handgun than the G43, it is perhaps even harder to find a better one. It has six rounds plus a magazine and is also suitable for sharpshooters. Recently Elite Force just released their Airsoft Glock 34 Deluxe, this is going to be an awesome pistol to get your hands on. This kit reuses your Glock magazine tube for OEM durability and fit while replacing all other components with MagGuts…. It is lighter than the M&P Shield, and Sig P250, smaller than the Ruger LC9 and Sig P250, and the slide is narrower than any of its 9mm contenders. Those guns allow you to get a little higher grip on the gun. I've been carrying the Glock 43 for a couple years now. pawn king - merrillville automatic, 9x19mm, matte black, yes - includes original box and papers, 3 1/2'', gun glasses, holster the pawn shop glendale. Admittedly, this is a pretty weak reason not to purchase a firearm. 5″ between the front and rear sights. 2 mags included with the 43x, I can't wait till they get sold individually. The G43 in 9mm features a single stack magazine configuration making this super compact gun fill the niche for deep concealment, pocket carry or those with small hands that the larger models do not accommodate. Ballistol leaves a pretty slick coating on parts so the four drops of oil I use might be overkill. On the advice of a friend I purchased an SA XD-9 Subcompact (3″). 99 The Glock 43 is a new single stock subcompact slimline 9mm pistol designed to fit every lifestyle. Searching for trigger Feel Like I have in others Striker Fired guns. com is a firm believer in proper gun …. Other features include a 7" M-LOK Rail, a flash can, and a TF Blade. Initially, I purchased the weighted GLOCK 19 Blue gun and was amazed with the quality, feel, and the accurate replication (the mold is created from the actual gun model and make), then I quickly followed suit and purchased the weighted GLOCK …. On top of that, there have been changes to the line between full generations, for instance the glock …. buy Glock 43 9mm Luger 2-6 rd Mags UI4350201 for sale best price. Posted by Zack Castor on 26th Mar 2022. On the one hand, the Glock 42 is not so small (and by contrast neither is the Glock 43 so large) that the smaller gun is the difference between perfect concealment and wholly obvious printing. Roland Glock 43 with Dueck Defense RMR Mount. Glock 43 Dimensions Glock 43 Pistol Review The Good. Long-distance accuracy is not really something that many people are likely to consider with a gun of this type. Essentially, the Glock 26 is about $100 more expensive than the 43, at about $610. The ruger is also a sleeker looking gun as the Glock is like a bus. The 43 has a slightly longer grip (and narrower). What makes the Glock 42 a good carry gun: Single-stack makes it easy to conceal. Note that my EDC is a Full-size 1911, I own other Glock pistols, but would consider the G43 as an EDC if need be. The gun has an overall height of 5. Tags: Concealed Carry, Glock, Guns For Women. The Glock 31 is a full size model, identical in exterior dimensions to the Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm. The Glock 43 is best and can be used by any person, no matter the hand size. My opinion, where the Glock 43 makes the most sense is when carrying in non-permissive environments. The Shield Arm all-metal magazine body can hold up to 15 rounds. It has a Glock short frame and Glock Safe Action system with 3 safeties. A basic Sig 229 is probably going to cost around $800 new and $650 or so used. If the box doesn't read straight 9mm, than simply ask if it's 9x19 Luger. While the breadth and diversity of options certainly benefits. Surprisingly, the gun had to grow on me a little before I truly accepted it. Small, concealable, light, and at least for me very good. Best Red Dot Sight For Glock 43 2022. Glock 43-The Glock 43 is an ultra-thin, single stack 9mm pistol that is truly compact. By relieving certain sections of the frame and slide, you will destroy a perfectly good firearm, but you also get a peak inside the inner workings of the design. Pistol has a few minor handling marks on the top of the slide but is very clean. In June 2015, Breitbart News submerged, froze, and dragged the newly-introduced Glock 43. The Glock 26 Gen 4 weighs approximately 25 ounces with a loaded magazine. For many years, the Model 26, Glock’s tiniest double-stack …. The 43 uses the same trigger system, same action and has the same safeties as all of its predecessors, and only differs from legacy guns in a few small ways. The Glock 43 is an ultra-concealable . The kit uses your existing magazine tube, lock plate, and base plate while replacing the follower and spring with MagGuts…. However, when it comes to single stack, 9mm pistols, the Glock 43, while a latecomer to this category. CAA MCK Micro Conversion Kit for Glock 43, 43X, and 48 Gray. It may be snappier than the fuller sized guns, but …. With all that said, here are the top five reason NOT to purchase the Glock 43: Aesthetically Challenged. When used with a match-quality barrel, accuracy will be greatly increased. One of my favorite new guns is the 19X, which is basically a G19 slide melded with a G17 grip. The serrations on the Smith and Wesson Shield are better than the serrations on the Glock 43. This version comes with three different interchangeable backstraps, allowing for a more custom fit based on your hand size. 76 inches and overall length to 6. It also comes with a Gen 4 magazine release that is functional and easy to use. Maybe in a year or so when the Glock 43 has had time . Otherwise, yes, it’s a Glock with its simple features, so is easy to use and understand how it works. The already legendary G43 is a single stack, 9 mm Luger caliber pistol. Take the trigger assembly apart, removing the trigger, trigger bar and spring. The G43 is a subcompact handgun chambered in 9x19mm. Glock 43x Custom Best Price: $899. It is a weapon of choice for concealed carry or backup. 9 oz / 500 grams, the 9mm pistol of the Slimline . The already legendary G43 is a GLOCK Single stack, 9 mm Luger caliber pistol. Since "ultra-concealable" is an emphasized aspect of this gun, a good look at this aspect is a crucial part of a Glock 43 review. Glock Trigger Upgrade for Ultimate Performance! This trigger upgrade kit turned a good Glock into a fantastic Glock. If your Glock factory magazine …. In fact, it weighs about 4 ounces more than the 42, so it's still very shootable. I confess that I also use actual gun oil on the rails, barrel and connector though (any good quality gun oil should work fine) once everything is clean and dry. Fashion and firearms CAN go hand in hand! www. At first glance, you might fail to notice the full differences between either carried weapons. Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster is the best way to conceal your Glock 43/43X & Glock 43X. It will Alco conceal better and print less. If you're using Glock 43, you need a holster designed with this handgun in mind. 380 was introduced in 2014, it has gained a following in the shooting and concealed carry community as a compact, semi-automatic. It’s small, slim and lightweight, hiding well. The Glock 43 is the first Glock …. The Glock 23: The Glock 23 is a more compact handgun. 44 lbs) than the G43 when loaded with the same ammo. Glock has a reputation for quality and reliability, even with their smaller pistols like the 42. GLOCK 22 VS 23 COMPREHENSIVE COMPARISO…. by boucherted » Mon Apr 11, 2022 3:25 pm. See more ideas about guns, hand guns…. MagGuts +2 Magazine Conversion for Glock 43. Ruger claims the ridges and edges all serve a purpose, and we do believe it. Discover Glock build kits for Glock 43, Glock 48, Glock 23, Glock 26, Glock 22, Glock 19, Glock 34, Glock 17, Strike 80 compact build kits, and more! 714-841-1480 [email protected] Prior to 2014, Glock had not released a new pistol design since the beginning of the century. To support this, any modifications to the Glock gun were simply integrated into ongoing manufacture. First of all, we will take a look at the magazine. Handmade Shoulder Holster—This shoulder holster is made of full grain leather by craftsmen with over ten years of leather working experience, making perfect stitching. It chambers, fires, and cycles virtually any 9x19mm ammunition at . The Glock 43 is a shootable gun, but it’s not an easy gun to shoot. The Glock 43 Gen 4 is a 6 round, 9mm slimline subcompact pistol that was introduced in mid-2015. The Glock 43/43X/48 MCK continues our compact concealed pistol MCK offerings. It is comfortable to wear and ensures a snug fit for your. Best Sights For Glock 43: Top 6 Glock 43 Night Sights. Glock 43 9MM – 6RD: Fantastic Daily Carry Gun. At no time during my review did I experience any problems with firing. Why the Glock 43 Could Be the Best Self Defense Gun Around. These are just a few of the most popular guns manufactured by Glock. A lot of people conceal their G43 daily, and this represents a meaningful upgrade to the gun. Glock 43 9mm Carry Conceal Pistol with Cerakote Purple. GLOCK 43X hard to find carry gun IN STOCK NO WAIT …. Gen 4 and 5 pistols do not have …. 21 of the Best Custom Glocks In The World. The G43 is the answer to your . The Glock 43 pistol is a very popular choice, due to its slim and compact design. 33 inches when shooting at targets seven yards away. Glock has a generally good reputation of reliability and early field reports suggest that initial reliability is good…. The G43 has the power of a 9mm field gun …. It's not fantastic, but considering the pistol is under an inch thick, it appears to be a little bit better than most of the other guns in its class. The Glock 43 is a perfect choice for those who need a backup gun. Police Supplies, Police Supply, Glock 43 9MM, Beretta Storm PX 9MM Be it for personal protection, hunting or even for your workplace, sometimes you do need to purchase a gun, and the best way to do that is to get one is from an authorized online seller, such as Barneys Police Supplies or Buds Gun …. 00 : Glock 43 9mm w/2 mags UI4350201 Feb 13, 2022 · Glock Gen 5 Glock 19, 9mm 15-Round Factory Magazine. Which is better SIG P365 or Glock 43X? Both guns are excellent weapons. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a Glock 43 and most . The Hellcat is 6 inches long versus the Glock 43’s 6. The Glock 43 USA ACG00853 is a great choice for a handgun. Find all the machine gun parts, parts kits, and accessories you need at APEX Gun Parts! All of our parts are authentic military surplus parts that will work great with your firearm. I installed in 2 Glock 19 Gen 3 that were nice aftermarket triggers. This is a model I've carried all …. I will be buying a Glock 48 or a Glock 43 slimline pistol, which i…. The relatively long sight radius is one of the features that makes the Glock …. 45 ACP rounds, the Glock 30 possesses incredible firepower, and its low recoil and muzzle lift offer excellent accuracy. Glock 43 holsters - All the holster models and magazine carriers listedon this page are made to fit the Glock 43 in 9mm. As a former cop, I would say the Glock 48 is a good off-duty handgun. Slide Upgrade For Glock 43 43X in Blackout & Tungsten US Flag Cerakote. Why I thought I wanted a Glock 43X. The handgun is simply not designed for such purposes. Frames: Choosing an 80% Glock …. Ten best defense ammo for glock 43. Get a Glock 43X for sale online from Omaha Outdoors today! The reliable Glock 43 X 9mm packs the best of Glock into a deeply concealable, slimline design. While it has an overall length of 7. Both of these guns are important because they spurred a growth in the sub-compact gun market. It is a fully-automatic version of the Glock 17. Weighing in around 17 ounces, the 43. Approximate price for a Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard is $350-370. Weight wise the guns are identical when you use the Hellcat's 11 round magazine. Announced in 2015, it was the most highly anticipated release in Glock's history. 26 inches with the slide being 6. In conclusion, the Glock 43 is an excellent example of everything the 9mm single stack should be and a …. 9 AI Score This Score is known as Artificial …. The G43 is our new single stack, 9mm pistol. com, the best-selling Gun in 2021 was the Glock 43X She settled on the shorter G43x because it fit her hands better . The G43 is incredibly popular because it's one of the most compact 9mm pistols available, it shines for everyday use as a carry gun and has a wide array of aftermarket support when it comes to holsters and upgraded components. Gun owners are excited about the new GLOCK 43, and with good reason, as this accurate, single stack 9mm pistol is ideal for concealed carry. 06 inches and the barrel length coming in at 3. The good news is that there are literally hundreds of holsters out there that can be used for Glock 43. Both guns come with ten-round magazines. It's a perfect option for a new concealed carrier or a concealed carrier who wants a comfortable gun. The Glock 43 Lilac Purple Single Stack Pistol is the newest member of the slimline subcompact pistol family, and the smallest 9mm pistol Glock has ever introduced. The Glock 43 is a subcompact, single stack pistol, chambered in 9mm. This little gun is a single stack 9mm pistol ideal for concealed carry and is very popular amongst the ladies for its smaller, easier to grip frame. Glock 19 for sale , glock 43 for sale , glock 45 for sale. Both are incredibly reliable and both are more than capable of giving you an edge as . I picked up the new little Glock 43 blaster last month from my good friends at GT Distributors. It’s much easier to tuck inside your waistband and still be able to breathe. Looking to buy a Glock 42 in any condition as long as it will fire. What good is a self-defense or backup gun that you don’t have with you when you need it? Optimally, you want a. I'm not a professional shooter. This pistol initially comes with a single. For a good flashlight and a pretty good red laser, it is a good deal. All Models Except Rami and Transverse Dovetial Cuts. The trigger is long but somewhat smooth with an out of the box weight of about 12lbs. Springfield Hellcat magazine holds ten rounds, plus one in the chamber. 02” width of this gun is a substantial benefit as women are not easily willing to add much bulk to their waistline. Is the SS80 is Glock 43 a good carry gun, or is GLOCK 20 10mm Polymer 80 PF45 // (Tutorial & Build List) Feb 24, 2019  GLOCK 20 10mm Polymer 80 PF45 // (Tutorial & Build List) The New Glock 20 10mm Polymer 80 PF45. The Hellcat is 6 inches long versus the Glock 43's 6. Handgun Parts & Accessories. Images of the different guns were taken at slightly different angles, which can make things look off a little here or there, but this should be good enough to give you a basic ides of the size of this new Glock 43, assuming the numbers I’m working with are correct. IWB holsters are among the most common methods for concealed carry, and with good reason. If the box doesn’t read straight 9mm, than simply ask if it’s 9x19 Luger. 95 Add to Cart Glock Conversion Kits Conversion Kits and Barrels for Glock Guns …. Buy, sell, and trade in the classified section. 6 inches the M&P Shield is slightly taller than the Glock 43, which is just 4. Glock 43 9mm OEM Completed Magazine. Get in some target or shooting practice while enjoying the realistic look and feel of a real Glock® with the Umarex® Glock® 19 BB Gun. 71 ounces unloaded, a quarter-pound less than the Glock 17, and weighs even less loaded due to the smaller magazine. There’s also over fifty different models, seven available calibers, multiple generations, and about a million and one aftermarket parts available. We all have varying hand sizes, skill levels, and concealment needs so one gun does not rule them all. The G43 is the most highly desired and anticipated release in Glock's history. On the other hand, the height is at 4. Glock for sale Proper care of your pistol is the key to keeping it in good condition. 6+1 capacity provides ample firepower for most defensive situations. The Glock pistol (Buy Glock 20 Online – 10 mm pistols for sale – buy glock pistols – guns for sale online – buy illagal guns Austria) is a series of polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Austrian Glock Ges. The Glock 43X looks weird size-wise, but it actually makes a little sense once you start slinging lead. 87” barrel and aluminum frame, it comes in at 6. The Ruger is $150 cheaper a little lighter. That's why I use a Glock 43 as my everyday concealed carry weapon. 380 ACP ammunition is more formidable than ever. However, the single stack 9mm G43 is small, and therefore it is not very comfortable to shoot. I'm an everyday guy just like you looking to see if this new single stack Glock will live u. The only other really noticeable difference is the magazine capacity, where the Glock 26 is 10+1 and the Glock 43 is 6+1. 5” standard belt clip with a Hex Key for faster draw speeds and optimal concealment under clothing. However, it does shoot much flatter than most guns in its class. As a reasonable choice, the Glock 43 is a good backup piece and the 43X a gun for folks that like the 43, but would like to fire. The sights are adequate for the task at hand, especially with the night sight option. The 43X isn’t likely to fit pockets except for large Crew types. There are a ton of Glock 43s out there. 380 | Sig P365 | Taurus GX4 Don't you think that's fascinating? To be successful you need to offer a popular, growing product, not just a good glock 42. Remove the locking block, slide stop and trigger assembly. Good write up Andy, I'm also a Glock 43 guy. But its slide remains sub-compact, and its trigger distance is short of providing you with versatility, comfort, and balance ideal for various situations. Glock 43 Two Year Review: Best Carry Pistol Ever?. Bar said: While I am relatively new to Glocks, having purchased my first a model 19 about a year and a half ago, my 43 has now become my primary CCW. These are both high quality weapons, which is to be expected of a Glock firearm. The Glock 43, from its inception, was pitched for carry use, be it as an off-duty piece or backup gun for law enforcement or as an EDC handgun for those concerned with self defense …. The Glock 48, however, is much larger and competes with the Glock 19 for in the waist-mounted concealed carry market. Here are some of the best features of the Glock 43: The slim single-stack 9mm makes the Glock 43 an extremely comfortable concealed carry gun; The ergonomic design fits in almost every type of hand size and shape; The beaver tail design ensures the proper grip every time – even in a hurry; Glock 43 …. Glock 43 & 43X Recoil Reduction Spring Rod by DPM …. The Glock 43 is simply classic Glock overall, basing on its appearance. The GLOCK 19 Gen4 pistol in 9 mm Luger offers great firepower while allowing to shoot quick and accurately. Anonymous (verified owner) – November 30, 2021. The Sig feels smaller and the grip angle is a bit more perpendicular to the slide as compared to the angle of the Glock 43. When overburdened with a duty belt so laden with equipment that it may weigh more than 15 pounds, a lightweight firearm deserves important consideration, and the G43 delivers. We also supply the screws for the optic cuts! No channel liner required for the 43…. 45 automatic that provides revolutionary grip ergonomics. The trigger isn't great, but I added a ghost . 25 17 custom slide made to sit on top of a weapon intended for self-defense would be fitted with an altogether different Glock 17 upper. If you have large hands, it’s a good …. Backpacks & Bags Books & Videos Emergency Electronics RMS SLIDE FOR GLOCK® 43. Glock is all about dependability, accuracy, and staying power, and when you combine these traits with the 43's compactness and concealability, you can't go wrong. 1 day ago · Glock 19 Compatible Polymer80 Compact 80% Pistol Frame, Jig, Tools, Complete Parts Kit. No shipping and meet here in Corvallis @ Tick Licker Firearms. There is no external safety on a Glock …. The Beretta 92FS's has a larger, wider grip making it necessary for some people to use two hands on the grip. You can’t fight with a gun until it’s in your hands, so learning how to smoothly and quickly present the pistol from a holster is a critical component of self-defense. This gun also comes standard with Glock’s newest accessory, a threaded barrel ready to accept any number of aftermarket suppressors or muzzle brakes without requiring additional licensing or paperwork from the ATF. I know I made the right choice and love my Glock 43x. 99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: Glock; Item Number: 43 VG; Most Popular Guns …. I never have had a jam with any Glock & am amazed at the small groups even with. GLOCK 43 USA ACG00853 For Sale. ” For many years I shot on Team Panteao with “Super Dave” Harrington, U. The Glock 43 is Glock’s first-ever single-stack, subcompact 9mm handgun. The overall length of the Glock 43 is 6. Full metal slide with rear serration and high-density polymer frame The low-profile iron sights with one white dot gives you a good …. I normally carry IWB at about 3 to 3:30 in a PJ Custom holster under a cover garment. It has proven its reliability and accuracy. I have had Apex in these glocks and they certainly worked well. If you've got a spot in your heart for a petite, skinny GLOCK and legitimately have the skills to run a "hot" little gun, and can get it to run reliably with your choice of self-defense ammo, this gun might work for you, especially if you speak fluent GLOCK. One place where it's lacking is its item 7 Truglo TFX Sight Set Glock 42 and 43 TG13GL3PC Truglo TFX Sight Set Glock 42 and 43 TG13GL3PC. 43 inches and a slide length of 6. The Glock 48 was substantially easier to shoot than the smaller 43. The Streamlight 69270 TLR-6 is one of the best weapon lights for Glock 43x. Glock 43 can be a great asset to add that security. That's what's preventing most people from getting that pinky on the firearm itself. The actual firearm pictured is a GLOCK 34 Gen 3. The size of this gun is what seems like the perfect bridge that Glock has been lacking. This is to keep the gun in place, especially if you have sweaty …. Players can now experience the perfection of a. Professional guides and backwoodsman are increasingly carrying the G20 and for good reason. it’s a good option and an underappreciated gun that’s a great Glock …. This is my very first gun review. S&W Shield 9mm is a recognizable pistol at the American market of concealed firearm carry, being a good alternative to Glock and Springfield Armory handguns. There’s nothing painful or hurtful about shooting it. Shooting the Glock 43 provides an ultimate experience mainly for small-handed shooters who don't need all the extra grip. 00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings. The good news, however, is that replacing the sights and other parts of the Glock gun is easy and accessible with its wider aftermarket and factory support. This gives a little more control over the gun …. Magazines dropped free from the get-go although it was a little hard to insert a full mag on a closed chamber. Glock 43 VS 43X - What you should know Before You Buy …. If Glock handguns – including the G43 – have any flaws, it is with the factory supplied sights. The handgun is small, a true mouse gun. 02 inches wide, while the gun …. SA15 mags have worked perfectly for my particular gun. This Glock 43 is in Very Good Condition, pistol does show holster wear on slide. It comes with a green laser instead of red. Unlike the G19 its grip doesn't throw the gun off balance when it's loaded and holstered. It comes as shown in pictures with to 6 rounds, speed loader, and rebuild case. In fact, the bigger 26 can allow for larger magazine capacities, which does have certain obvious advantages. Weight: without magazine 460 g | 16. Improved design allows quick install without the need to remove the bolt stop Product Description. Glock triggers are widely regarded as sort of okay. If a gen 4 or 5 pistol is sent in for the Combat Master package, we will not be able to do the mag release scallop cut. please see pictures for more detail's. Part of this extra weight is the additional ammo capacity of the …. The Glock 26 takes a ten-round double-stack magazine, while the Glock …. You can see in the photo below, my dress belt . CHOOSE YOUR OPTIC CUT IN THE DROP DOWN MENU. The thin Glock 43 was easier to conceal than the Glock 26, but it also had a smaller capacity. Both guns have their pros and cons. When it comes to tritium gun sights, aluminum sleeves and painted-on white rings are the norm. Glock 43 Slide w/ Front & Rear Serrations - Recessed Windows - Black. I'd love to rent one when they get them at Eagle Gun Range. This subcompact gun will accept all standard GLOCK double stack magazines, making it the most versatile subcompact on the market. Glock 43 ACG00841 pricing comparison with for sale options, prices, and values. Get your hands on one at your online source for Glock pistols, 9mm ammo, and Glock …. Glock 43 Vs Sig P365 For Concealed Carry. Overall, if you are looking for an ultra concealable 9mm Glock at an affordable price, the Glock 43 is a good option. Best 9mm Glocks for Concealed Carry. Made by more manufacturers than I can list. The oversized design gives you plenty of room to disassemble your handgun and to clean it without having …. According to our research, the G42 pistol sight sets can work well with the Glock 43 gun. We then took it the range–without cleaning it–and shot it 105 times with only two misfeeds, both of which appeared to be due to the dirt and grit in the magazine chamber. An improved barrel, lack of finger grooves, a beveled and flared magazine well, and upgraded sights are found on the Gen-5 models. This is an option via backstrap replacement on other Gen 5 Glocks, and a design change I like a lot. The G43’s highly compact dimensions make it an …. You can find some used models for cheaper. Neither would fit what I would call my ” go to war gun”. This Glock model gives you a 10-round magazine capacity instead of Glock 43’s six-round. It feels good when I go on a road trip…to put a tool in the console of my vehicle that I know will perform. It's simple to load and uncomplicated to use. So the first thing you will want to do after buying your 43 …. But, because of its increased grip length, the G43X is larger and heavier than G43. Second, a good number of the internal pieces can also be shared between certain Glock …. 49-inch-long G40 is ready for action with a 15 round magazine capacity and the MOS system. I do believe the Hellcat is almost one-third inch shorter. Glock 42 vs 43: Does 380 Still Have A Place In A 9mm World?. It certainly fits that outline, being similar in size to such popular past carry classics such as the Beretta Cheetah/Browning BDA, Ruger LCP, or Walther PPK but chambered in 9mm rather than. The G43X retains the slim, short 3. The Hellcat is slightly smaller, and. Still, there are three main reasons why some gun guys and gals don’t go GLOCK. Let’s face it – the Glock 43 is not a sporting gun; it is made to be carried for self-defense. 41 inches, is more than an inch and a half shorter than the Glock 17. I have YouTube reviews on this gun already. Whether it’s our 63 shooting lanes, our 2000+ guns on display, or our multitude of training classes and services, GAT Guns …. Built For Backup: A Look at the New GLOCK 43. It is ultra-concealable, accurate and a fantastic tool for all shooters regardless of one’s hand size. The gun is a bit thicker than its …. While there are countless excellent pistols on the market today, there is one that truly stands out from the rest – the GLOCK 19. There's really nothing bad about the Glock 43, though. Blank firing guns here at real-gun. TRYBE Defense Glock 43/43X Pistol Slide Version 2. Streamlight makes a great compact light. Fastest assembly/disassembly conversion kit on the market. For a lot of gun owners, the G43's diminutive frame makes it a good choice for concealed carry. It has a slide lock lever and goes to slide-lock on an empty mag. Something that shorter guns like the Glock 43 and the Sig P365 do not. Many reviewers, though, have found the Glock 43 to be far from unpleasant to shoot, so it's certainly not a gun for the recoil-sensitive to avoid.